10. Tips And How to Sing Good

* Drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol and caffeine:
Our vocal chords vibrate at high speed, and much drinking makes the vocal cords remain wet. Foods that have high water content are also good, such as apples, pears, watermelon, melon, grapes, and so forth.

* Do the rest spoke a few times every day terutapa if it has been used extensively: For example, teachers should avoid or reduce the time between teaching and speaking.

* Do not smoke: If you smoke, stop immediately. Smoking greatly increases the risk of cancer of respiratory organs. Including smoke inhalation may cause irritation of the vocal cords.

* Do not misuse your voice: Avoid yelling, talking too loudly in a noisy room. Hoarseness is a sign of vocal cord irritation.

* Let your neck and throat muscles relax even when singing high or low tone: Some of the singers looked up when singing high notes when singing tone and bowed low to avoid excessive stress on the muscles. If there is excess voltage for a long time can cause a decline in the range of tonality.

* Notice how you talk to every day: Even people who have a good singing habits can be injured while speaking, because a lot of singers who do not pay attention to ways of speaking, whether vocal cord irritation or not.

* Do not cough too often: When we cough (not cough, but coughing activity), it is the same as doing the voltage on all the respiratory muscles and vocal chords at once.

* Doing too much coughing can injure these muscles and cause hoarseness. Try to drink water to relieve itching in the throat. If the cough can not be detained, try to contact your doctor for further examination.
When sick, save your voice: Do not much to say when you speak hoarse with a cold or infection. Note the voice.

* When speaking to large groups outside the building consider the use of loudspeakers: Speaking loud without loudspeakers can cause excessive strain on the voice muscles. So better to use a loudspeaker.

* Moisten the air of the home and office.

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